Who we are

We’re Committed to Partnering with Our Clients

Socium (n) meaning partner or ally.

Socium Security was built on the premise that partnerships are critical to success. Our mission is to build and maintain meaningful partnerships with our customers, co-workers, families, and community.  Partnerships are not short-term, they are long-term strategic initiative that requires presence, listening, empathy, honesty, and vulnerability.  As in life, security is a journey and we want to partner with you on that journey. Just as personal relationships need to add value to our life, our business relationships need to add value and contribute toward our organizational goals.

Our goal is to understand what organizations are doing today, how they can leverage what they currently have, and build upon it.  We are not looking to sell a new solution before truly understanding why something is not meeting a customer’s needs.  Many times the issue is not the solution, but how it was implemented or how it’s supported through people and the processes supporting how it is operated.

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